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  • Play stage

    Play stageIntroduction to scenic areaXiangyu opera Ma Tai scenic area is located in the downtown area of Xuzhou City, the top of the mountain, is the national AAA-level tourist attr…

    Attractions Address:Xuzhou City Yunlong District Xiang Wang Road
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  • Xuzhou Yunlongshan Scenic Area

    Yunlongshan is located in the south of Xuzhou City, also known as stone Foshan. 142 meters above sea level, up to 3 km. Mountain nine knots, meandering ups and downs, like the drago…

    Attractions Address:Xuzhou Quanshan District, the southern suburbs of Peace Road, East Street
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  • Shagou Lake Metasequoia Park

    Shagou Lake Metasequoia ParkIntroduction to scenic areaShagou Lake Metasequoia Park is located on the west side of Yangzhou Road, south of Changjiang Road, north of Xingguo Road, wi…

    Attractions Address:Pizhou City, Pizhou City, Pudong City, East Lake streets
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  • Jiao Shan Lake area

    Jiao Shan Lake areaIntroduction to scenic areaJiao Shan Lake Scenic Area is located in Xuzhou City Tongshan District administrative office area of the southwest, covers an area of 2…

    Attractions Address:Xuzhou City Tongshan District Tongshan Street Galaxy Road
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  • Governor Lake

    Governor LakeGovernor Lake is located in the national AAAA level Du Gong Lake Scenic Area, where the charming scenery, spring peach bloom, summer blue waves, fresh and charming autu…

    Attractions Address:Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Jia Wang District Governor Lake Scenic Area
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  • Big hole mountain area

    Big hole mountain areaDahongshan is located in the city of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 40 kilometers northeast of Jiawang area of the big hole mountain, elevation 361 meters, als…

    Attractions Address:40 km northeast of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province Jiawang territory
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  • Yaowan town

    Yaowan townIntroduction to scenic areaBeijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal across the five provinces in the north and south, with the fourth largest freshwater lake in Luzhou Lake in Jiangs…

    Attractions Address:City of Xinyi City in Xuzhou City
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  • Aishan Scenic Area

    Ai Shan Kowloon Scenic AreaIntroduction to scenic areaAi Shan Kowloon Scenic Area is located in the junction of the Soviet Union and Shandong provinces, planning area of 23.5 square…

    Attractions Address:Xuzhou City Pizhou City Aishan Scenic Area
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  • Tushan stone town

    Tushan stone townIntroduction to scenic areaJiangsu Province, a special landscape tourism town town of soil, is a 2,000 years of history with the cultural town, is the famous ancien…

    Attractions Address:徐州市邳州市en
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  • Xuzhou Han Stone Art Museum

    Xuzhou Han Stone Art MuseumXuzhou Han Stone Museum of art is located in the beautiful scenery of the Yunlong mountain in Shanxi, is a special museum collection, collection, research…

    Attractions Address:Hudong Road,Quanshan District,Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province
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  • Han Mausoleum of Turtle Mountain

    Han Mausoleum of Turtle MountainAnother place embodying cultures of two Han Dynasties is Han Mausoleum of Turtle Mountain, located in Gulou District, Xuzhou City and adjacent to the…

    Attractions Address:No.3,King Xiang Road,Quanshan District,Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province
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  • Han Culture Scenic Spot in Xuzhou

    Han Culture Scenic Spot in XuzhouTo appreciate the essence of cultures of two Han Dynasties in Xuzhou, you must visit the Han Culture Scenic Spot, which covers an area of 1,400 mu.T…

    Attractions Address:No. 1, Terracotta Army Road, Yunlong District,Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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  • Pan’an Lake wetland park

    Pan’an Lake wetland parkPanan Lake wetland park is located in southwest area of Jiawang district, the total planning area is 528.9 thousand square kilometers, of which the core are…

    Attractions Address:Xu Jia fast way and 310 State Road Interchange, Jiawang District, Xuzhou City
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  • Thousand islands wetland scenic spot

    Thousand islands wetland of Weishan Lake is located in Jiangsu Pei county where also enjoy the famous reputation of "thousand years of dragon flying

    Attractions Address:Dragon lake Avenue No. 1,Datun town Peixian county in Xuzhou City
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  • Aishan scenic area

    Aishan Jiulong scenic area is located in the junction place of Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. The planning area is 23.5 square kilometers and the main peak elevation is 197.2 meter…

    Attractions Address:Aishan scenic area Pizhou city, Xuzhou city
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  • Mount Maling Scenic Area

    The Mount Malin, National AAAA class tourist attraction, is also named as Mount Maling and Mount Malian. With the origin in Mount Tai, it stretches for hundreds of miles

    Attractions Address:Mount Maling(west of Mount Maling Resort), Xinyi City, Xuzhou
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  • Xuanshui Lake Scenic Area

    Xuanshui Lake scenic area of Xuzhou is Located 20 km southeast of the main city, adjacent to the new city. With the area of about 7 square kilometers

    Attractions Address:Lvliang Mountain scenic area, Yizhuang Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou
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  • Yunlong Lake Scenic

    Located in the southwestern of Xuzhou, Yunlong Lake Scenic Spot is the urban-typed tourist attractions with the culture of Han Dynasty, Celebrities, religion and Military as main at…

    Attractions Address:East Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou
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