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The first tug of war rules

The first basis

The tug of war rules are based on the rules of the International Tug of War. (This rule applies when the game is held indoors and indoors in a hard and flat place). In the case of indoors such as the International Tug of War, the rules developed by the International Tug of War can be cited.

The second game venue with the game with the rope

1, 2: 1 match venue

(A) the venue is known as the trenches, must be horizontal and flat, or use a dedicated trench bar. And in the gym can be used directly when the floor game, but also to use the patch or tape to do the logo.

(B) the specifications of the river

(l) A = Bian area width of 90cm

The width of the drainage channel is 9Ocm, (within the measurement does not include 5cm mark line) If the game, due to the floor slippery, or the degree of poor team, easy to slide out of the border line, to enable the width of 180cm to pull the river race The But must be stated in the competition procedure.

(2) B = back safe area

In order to prevent the game from starting, the winning team is back to the wall or obstacle, so you must fully secure the security area (at least 4.5m each) to ensure safety. To the center line shall prevail, to both ends of the line for the l2m, according to the large gymnasium d ¨ must be fully obtained after the security area to ensure safety.

(3) C = border safe area

The use of mats, due to the relationship between the poor, in order to prevent falls, you can also design a wide l5cm safe area.

In order to prevent the game after the start, the winning team to back when the collision on the walls and obstacles, for safety purposes, must set the end line, and the end line to have full space. At the beginning of the match, one of the teams at the end of the A, if not in the end line before the table winning team will be the risk of a collision.

(C) the color of the logo

The center line is red, the other line is white in principle, line width 5cm.

Note: the stadium and the sports field mark tug of the river for the horizontal flat grass, in the sports field, draw a center line and both ends of the flag and the two sides of the 4m line, after the start of the game, the rope center line and the center line alignment, Immediately open the rope.

Second, the game with the rope

(A) race with the rope as follows:

A (general rope) B (juvenile group with rope)

(1) the general provisions of the rope as follows,

Outer lOcm * l2.5cm

Note: outdoor competition at least 33.5m

Material Manila Ma

Length 28. m ~ 33.5m

(2) the juvenile group with the rope as follows:

Outer 9cm * lIcm

Length 28m * 30m

Material Manila Ma

Each group with a rope, rope can not have nodules or grip.

(B) the logo of the race is as follows

(1) The sign of the rope is as follows,

1. Center mark area ......... The center of the rope ......... red

2. White mark area ......... From the center of the rope 2m position ............ White (measured from the center mark area to the inside of the white mark).

3. Blue mark area ......... from the inside of the white mark area 5Ocm position ......... blue.

(2) The rope logo is marked with a color patch or rope so that the referee can easily adjust the length or proper position of the rope.

(3) mark line width of 5 * lOcm, blue mark area width of 5cm.

(C) the outdoor race when the rope signs are as follows:

(1) The center of the rope is red or red.

(2) from center to side 4m is white sticker or white mark.

(3) 5m from center to sides are blue stickers or blue signs.

The third team

3: 1 players prepared as follows

Leader ..................................................

Coach ............................................. 1A

Management ............................................. 1A

Players ....................................... 8b1OA.

8 players, leader, management by the players can also be.

Juvenile (primary school students) group, leader as an adult, part-time team leader, the best management by the adult.

Attached: domestic competition, you can set the team leader, coach, management of the A, can also be parted by the players, but the game to 10 limited.

Player position

(A) players called the bit, the order: the first, second, third, fourth, the throne, sixth, seventh, the last player said the posterior bit.

(B) the game registration list of players, in accordance with the order of the number lbl0 registration, such as the team leader for the players, need to indicate the leader.

(C) the player position can be changed freely.

(D) when lifting the rope, the posterior must be before the end line.

(5) the position of the tug of war on the left or right side of the rope can be.

(6) the first place, tug of war began, must hold close to the rope outside the blue mark area outside the Department.

3: 3 level

According to the sum of the weight of the eight players, set the level as follows:

(A) Weight class:

JM560. SM560. SM600. SM640. SM680. SMX600. SW500. SW540. U23M600. U23W500

Players can also mix men and women

3: 4 players off the bench

(A) two substitute players, but the total weight should not exceed the provisions.

(2) Substitute players must also receive weight measurements in advance.

(C) before the game players substitute, must be before the game, to the General Assembly to the team list, register the name and number of replacement, substitute procedures to be completed.

(D) each substitute, the team leader to apply to the referee, the referee to confirm the weight before the substitute, the application must be made in the previous game immediately after the game.

(5) after the start of the game, the referee issued a "rope" password, can not substitute.

3: 5 leader (coach)

(A) team leader with the preparation of the team, players substitute, management of all the forces, the game command and other responsibilities.

(B) the guidance of the players in the race must be on the outside of the river, left or right can be, but can not prevent the referee to perform the task.

(C) When there is an objection to the judgment, only the leader has the right to file a protest.

Management (instructor), substitute player management before or after the game to care for the players. Management and substitute players, the location must be the venue of the referee instructions.

3: 7 complaint

In the event of a protest in the game, an oral application is made to the referee of the match, and a complaint must be made to the referee within 10 minutes of the match and a margin, if the protest is invalid.

The fourth clothing

4: 1 clothing

Must wear shorts, with the collar of the long-sleeved sweatshirt, long socks and other standard tug of war, and strive to neat.

Note: Domestic competitions are subject to availability.

4: 2 shoes

Must wear tugs shoes, or general soles do not have shoes with flat shoes. Do not wear spikes, soles shoes with protruding shoes, and barefoot to participate in the competition.

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