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Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center is located in the new city east of Hanyuan Avenue, Jiangsu Province is the 18th Games of the main venue, in May 1, 2014 completed. The project covers an area of 709 mu, with a total construction area of 240,000 square meters. The main building includes a 35,000 stadium, swimming diving hall, comprehensive training hall, ball class museum, sports school and 32,000 square meters of supporting business district.

Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center "a three museums" were set up track and field, 7 indoor tennis courts, 40 badminton courts, 50 table tennis courts, ice hockey, four standard swimming pools, children's straight pool and other indoor fitness venues, Outdoor tennis courts, 4 basketball courts, 4 basketball courts and other outdoor fitness venues, as well as billiards, yoga, rock climbing, dynamic cycling, integrated equipment, archery, boxing, martial arts, judo, fencing, fitness training, More than 20 fitness and leisure projects, at the same time with the National Fitness Monitoring and Sports Injury Rehabilitation Center and other mass fitness services.

Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center in the successful completion of the 18th session of the opening ceremony of the Games and the activities of the protection work, and after another to undertake the Women's Epee World Cup, the National Fencing Championships, the World Snooker Tour, the National Women's Football Championship, China Ping Fen, National Wushu Competition, National Trampoline Championship, National Children's Table Tennis Competition, Jiangsu Province Amateur Football League and other high-level sports events, Wang Feng, Eason Chan, Jay Chou personal concert and many other cultural performances, the International Wushu Festival, Xugong Group sports, radio and television exhibition and other group activities and business exhibition activities are also wonderful in the Olympic Sports Center, carefully crafted "I am the king of the ball" series of fine events and the National Day Carnival activities has gradually become an important program of public sports and leisure. Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center has gradually become the best place for the national fitness of Xuzhou City, the development of sports industry, an important carrier and cultural exhibitions and other activities of the broad stage.

Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center adhering to the "price of the people, the service for the people, industry Huimin" business philosophy and dedication to the public to provide quality sports resources and services. Adhere to the free low-cost open policy, all fitness items are lower than the average price of the city, set free open day, every day free open items. So that more people no difference to share the advanced sports facilities and high-quality public sports services. To promote the national fitness, to promote the sports industry and the construction of strong sports market to provide strong support for improving the people's living standards and happiness index, building strong, rich, beautiful, high-tech Xuzhou make due contributions.

The 2018 World Indoor Championships will be held at the comprehensive training center. The total construction area of the museum is 37,000 square meters. The net area of the venue is 2400 square meters (40m x 60m), five standard tracks can be set up, equipped with athletes locker room, referee lounge, VIP lounge, conference room, weight measurement room, doping control center and news Conference hall and other functional rooms.

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