Tournament news--World Indoor Tug of War first settled in Asia, held in March in Xuzhou

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World Indoor Tug of War first settled in Asia, held in March in Xuzhou


Today (February 8) afternoon, Xuzhou held the 2018 World Indoor Tug River Championships press conference. Reporter learned at the meeting, the 2018 World Indoor Tug of War is a Class A international event, this event is not only held in China for the first time, but also for the first time in Asia.

Competition time is scheduled for March 8, 2018 to 11, of which two days ago, the participating countries club team World Championships club open group competition. Then two days, held the World Championships national team competitions, venues in Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center comprehensive training hall competition hall.


At present, a total of more than 600 athletes from 18 countries and regions including China, Germany, Ireland, Italy and other regions have already signed up, and some national teams are currently completing visas and application procedures. More than 700 athletes, coaches, referees and staff from nearly 30 countries and regions around the world are expected to attend this event.

Chen Gang, director of Sports Bureau of Xuzhou City, told reporters that the medal design for the indoor tug-of-war tournament in the world is based on the signings of the International Union-Pull and the World Championships. This decorative ring pattern stems from the Han portrait stone "hook hook map." In ancient China, the hook is tug of war. Medal hook design is made by our traditional dragon pattern jade Bi Ssangyong Pu pattern decoration evolved. Generous and elegant medal design, fully embodies Xuzhou as the birthplace of Chinese culture, profound cultural heritage and distant sports heritage.

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