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Introduction to international events

Tug of war is an ancient game and sport that is widely popular around the world.

In 1958, the British tug of warriors set up the British Tug of Association, but at that time the world almost no international tug of war. In order to promote the international competition of the sport, they inquired of the European countries, that the Swedish tug of war as early as 1933 was established.

In 1960, the British Tug of War Association officially invited the Swedish Association to send teams to the British game, the two teams met only to find their rules of the game is completely different.

In accordance with the rules of the game in Sweden, the athletes standing in the hands of the pits in advance of the pit can not move, only two hands again and again to pull back the rope, the rope in the hands of sliding. Each game for two minutes, the final calculation of the rope to the length of the party decided to win the winner. If in two minutes, the rope was pulled by two meters, the game is stopped, pull the two meters to win the party.

The rules of the British game are generally similar to those of our country. Athletes clasped the rope with both hands, heel to the ground, so that the body and the ground into a 45-degree angle, pedal to the ground, with the power of the body and body weight, the rope to their side. There is no time limit for the game.

Yingrui two teams were using two rules of the game, the Swedish Association found that according to the British rules of the game, the atmosphere is more intense, warm, able to attract a large number of viewers. So they decided to change their rules to facilitate the international competition.

The unified rules for each tug of the river by the eight athletes, according to the rules of the British game.

Sweden is one of the developed countries of the tug of war, and the sport is also popular in the UK. At present, the British Tug of Association has 300 tug of war. British national tug of warriors to maintain the 750 kg and 640 kg class champion (the above weight refers to the tug of the sum of eight players weight).

The tug-of-war association of the two countries has established international tug of war rules and established the International Tug of War Federation, which now has 16 member states. Tug of war in England, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, the United States, India, Canada, Italy and other countries are a popular sports activities.

Eighty years ago, tug of war in the world is extremely popular, 1900 to 1920 years of the Olympic Games, tug of war are one of the items. Now, every two years the international organization of a world tug of war.

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